Functions of the Department of Finance 

  • Assist in marking, revising, supervising and interpreting financial rules.
  • Administrate provincial council property.
  • Maintain audit inquiry register and progress
  • Take action with regard to Auditors General audit report and draft reports.
  • Carry out activities regarding the committee on the provincial funds.
  • Carry out activities regarding the reports of the committee on the provincial funds.
  • Control funds outside the provincial council.
  • Carry out the activities regarding the securities of provincial public officers.
  • Appraise performance in financial activities.
  • Control and introduce forms for the provincial council.
  • Perform activities regarding allowances.
  • Carry out activities regarding foreign aid and loans.
  • Take out and pay back loans.
  • Carry out activities with regard to the delegation of powers.
  • Carry out activities with regard to board of survey and write offs.
  • Take action regarding losses omissions write offs and compensation.
  • Sell and dispose of property.
  • Develop and account systems.
  • Maintain audit inquiry registries in order to carry out activities with regard to audit inquiry.
  • Financial management activities in procurement.

Director of Finance :

Mr. G. Wickramasinghe

Tel: +94-91-2232691 



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